Actual Patient


I am fortunate to have been treated by Dr. Patel for pain management as well as Dr. Daniells for chiropractic care. I had my one and only epidural steroid injection done in July and have felt great ever since. I can finally go back to work pain free!

Cheryl S.


Dr. Warycha diagnosed my problem and about 2 weeks ago he performed a right hip IA injection. Today I am feeling wonderful! I recently came back from a trip to Italy and was able to do all activities including a lot of walking with no hesitations at all. I am very grateful for all of his help.

Phyllis N.


I have suffered from low back pain for about 1 year. The pain was so severe that I could not walk or stand. This made my job of being a minister very difficult. Since having an injection done by Dr. Patel “I feel FANTASTIC!” I am back to doing everything that I haven’t been able to do. I can even lift up both my legs while sitting with no pain at all!

Bill A.


I have just completed my 10th visit with Dr. Daniells & my back pain has improved to a level that I have not experienced in 50 years. I was pessimistic that I could ever achieve this level of relief. This relief was accomplished through Dr. Daniells’ personal treatments, as well as a series of home exercises.

As for Dr. Daniells, he was really great. He really put me at ease during my office treatments, & reinforced a positive attitude regarding home exercise on my part. It was a pleasure being treated by him.

Kanchen P.


This is the best care I have ever received. Dr. Patel killed my pain and in turn, saved my life.

Alica M.


I was very pleased with how Dr. Patel did my hip injection under ultrasound. I was very nervous, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. It was amazing how Dr. Patel could look at the area and find the exact spot while placing the needle for the injection. I would highly recommend this to friends and family who are in pain. Dr. Patel is the right decision to get your life on the pain free path.

Jannell P.


I have suffered from pain, numbness, and nerve tingling which is caused by herniated discs. I had a cervical injection by Dr. Patel and since my treatment, I am no longer feeling pain or tingling. I now feel that I can live my life freely. I would recommend Dr. Patel to any of my friends and family that are suffering the way I was. Although I was concerned about the injection, Dr. Patel and staff both reassured me that I was making the right decision and now I am so happy that I had the treatment.

Lorraine Z.


Dr. Patel is superb at what he does. He is compassionate, understanding, and extremely informative. The staff is caring and professional, which put me at ease during my first experience. I am now able to resume normal activies, including my favorite hobbies. I highly recommend Dr. Patel to anyone seeking treatment. Interventional Spine & Sports Medicine will put you on the right path.

Dolores W.


I have undergone a series of knee injections and with each needle my pain was taken away. The results are truly amazing. I can now resume everyday activities and can walk without my cane! If you are in pain, do not be fearful of the injections. It was a quick procedure and less pain than I imagined. I would highly recommend Dr. Patel and the treatment he offers.

Tammy R.


I have been a patient at ISSM for a few years and have received injections to both my neck and back. I know that the thought of having an injection is scary, but Dr. Patel helped comfort me and listened to my concerns about the procedures. Now I cannot imagine not having the injections because there is no way I could have lived with the daily pain. I’ve had nothing but terrific experiences at ISSM.

Dorothy R.


Dr. Patel is just amazing. I love that man! I honestly do not know what I would do without him. He has taken care of me for years. Each time I have come to see Dr. Patel for an injection I have felt relief within two weeks, which is a miracle because there were times when I thought the pain would never go away. Each of my injections have lasted over two years. He is the man to see if you are in pain.

Nicholas A.


I thought Dr. Patel was very accurate with his diagnosis. Using a conservative approach I had such a quick recovery. The support staff is caring and professional. I would recommend Dr. Patel to anyone!

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